Pauline - PoPo - Chevanne: Centre Manager

Originally from southern France, Pauline has been a Windermere Valley resident since 2013. With lots of experience working with children of all ages, she has taken on the role of centre manager in July 2023.

Nickname: PoPo

Favourite movie? Asterix Mission Cleopatre

Superpower of choice? Teleportation, I’d love to go visit my mom and dad more easily

Hidden talent(s)? I can make pretty good crepes, I used to bellydance

Hobbies/interests? I love to knit, crochet, paint and garden. Yup, I was an old lady before I got old

What do you love about working with youth? I love being silly, being an adult can be so boring sometimes. I love the look on a youths face when they master something new

Sierra - Bubbles - Franklin: Program Coordinator

Sierra joined our organization in 2016 as a youth worker.  Over the years she has brought her love for cooking and yoga into our youth programs. Her infectious smile is always ready to greet the youth as they walk in the door.  Sierra has completed her certificate in Mental Health First Aid for Adults working with youth.  She grew up in the Columbia Valley and has been on the Columbia Basin Trust youth advisory committee during her time in secondary school.

Nickname: Bubbles

Favourite movie? The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Superpower of choice? Teleportation to travel the world

Hidden talent(s)? Writing poetry

Hobbies/interests? Anything artistic, photography, geocaching, hypnotist, and singing badly

What do you love about working with youth? Seeing and helping them learn and grow as people, and they are always making me laugh!

Emmett - Bix - Bickley: Youth Outreach Worker

Emmett comes to us from Calgary although he has spent a large part of his life here in the valley. We are very excited to have Emmett as a permanent resident of the Columbia valley now! Emmett has a bachelor of art from UBC and holds too many certifications to list here. His experience working with youth and vulnerable people will be an invaluable addition to our community.

Nickname: Bix

Favourite movie? The Princess Bride

Superpower of choice? Flying to save money on travel

Hidden talent(s)? Jewelry making

Hobbies/interests? Social justice, geocaching and reading/writing

What do you love about working with youth? It’s always a new surprise everyday

Heather - Red - Smedstad: Youth Worker

Heather is from the valley, after working up north driving big trucks, she has decided to come back to us. We are thrilled to have her on our team!

Nickname: Red

Favourite movie? Pirates of the Caribbean

Superpower of choice? Teleportation

Hidden talent(s)? I make art using stainglass as my main media.

Hobbies/interests? Crafting and puzzles

What do you love about working with youth? Learning and having a good time

Jack - Smalls - Smalley: Youth Worker

Jack moved from Ontario to British Columbia because of his love for the mountains and the beautiful nature and energy that it brings. He grew up on a farm in a small town, but knew there was so much more in the world to see! He has a passion for working with youth from his involvement in camps and youth groups growing up.

Nickname: Smalls

Favourite movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Superpower of choice: Telepathy (the ability to read minds or communicate without normal senses)

Hidden talent(s): I can Yo-Yo and build computers.

Hobbies/interests: I love to snowboard, hike, play board games, videogames, and almost all sports. As long as I’m surrounded with good friends, I enjoy mostly anything I put my mind to.

What do you love about working with youth: I love the energy that the youth have and I believe that it affects me in a positive way by making me happier and more energized in my day to day life.

Kristin - Moss - Whitlow: Youth Worker

In 2022, Kristin moved from rural Alberta to Invermere, which has been a life long dream come true. Kristin has education/experience in youth work, outdoor leadership and the relationship between mental & physical wellness. Currently, she is working towards her goals of creating accessible outdoor programming for youth.

Nickname: Moss

Favourite movie: Avatar

Superpower of choice: Flying

Hidden talent(s): Animal calls (farm animals). Writing rhymes with goals of eventually rapping them someday. Haha.

Hobbies/Interests: Adventures with my own teens & my dog…I’m a mom. Wilderness anything! Outdoor sports, trail building, bushcraft & wild plants. Travel, gardening, music, art, floral & home design. Mental/physical wellness.

What do you love about working with youth? It’s fun! Keeps a person ‘youthful’ as they age 😉 I love learning alongside them. For everything I could possibly teach them, they teach me something too.

Board Members

Amanda Garand Chair/President
Hannah Desoto Vice Chair
Nadine Hale Secretary
Nikki Kuzoff Treasurer
Patrick Tolchard Member at large
Kristen Curry Member at Large
Deanna Berrington Member at Large