This year we have been focusing on youth mental health initiatives. We worked in collaboration with other local agencies to offer mental health information through a proactive, preventative framework. Workshops were offered throughout the 2019-2020 school year, from a variety of perspectives. 114 grade 4-7 students from across the Columbia Valley have received the series so far. The workshops focused on building resiliency for local youth by increasing practical skills and knowledge, covering topics from self-care to suicide intervention. Youth completing the Mental Health Program are able to define mental health and what it means for them, relate their mental health and wellness to their everyday lives and can recognize warning signs in themselves and their friends. They know how to help a friend struggling with a mental health problem, self-care practices and where to access services in their school and in their community.

As a part of our Mental Health Program, we offered lunchtime yoga sessions to all schools in the Columbia Valley. We had over 80 youth participate!
Taught by our fabulous youth worker & certified yoga instructor – Sierra – we learned about breathing techniques, basic poses, balancing, partner yoga and gained a better understanding of what yoga is!
Our lunchtime yoga is open to grades 4-12 stay tuned for future opportunities at your school!