In the Community

Being part of a community

The Summit Youth Centre Hub is a integral part of the community of Invermere, BC and fulfills a vital role in community events and youth engagement. The Youth of Invermere, BC enjoy helping out at various events within the Columbia Valley. Through community events, the Youth understand the importance of being connected and a part of something larger than themselves. It’s a wonderful way for kids to understand the importance and benefits of being a helpful part of their community.


Here's something we did in the community

March 20th, 2017 • AG Valley Foods, Invermere BC

Here we are collaborating with  AG Valley Foods. This was a community event that helped both AG Valley and the Summit Youth Centre Hub. The kids helped sell hot dogs and drinks and engaged with the local residents of Invermere, BC.  This community event brought an awareness of the importance of Local Business to our community.