Food & Cooking

After School Snacks and Meals

On a weekly basis we prep, cook and eat meals together at the Centre. Youth learn basic culinary techniques and try a variety of meals. Often youth decide what they will be cooking and we are always open to requests. We are supportive of our youth’s dietary requirements and prepare meals suitable for the youth in attendance. We cook vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals when youth require. On a daily basis, there are free snacks, fresh fruit, and vegetables available. We also began baking on a weekly basis so there are fresh muffins once per week!

Youth Testimonials:

“We make really good food and it’s cool that we get to eat it all.”
“I always sign up for cooking so I don’t have to clean.”  
“It’s pretty fun. I am learning how to measure stuff properly.”
“I can’t wait to make it at home!” 

Benefit & Impact

Youth attending the cooking workshops have gained practical skills they can use in their everyday life. They were able to experiment in the kitchen, learn proper culinary techniques and try out different kinds of foods. Cooking is a skill all youth will use and is a valuable employment skill. As a part of the program, youth were required to help out with either shopping, cooking or cleaning up. We feel this helps create a sense of responsibility and ownership over the program. In addition to cooking, youth learned about shopping, budgeting, and interchanging ingredients. We spoke about the importance of connection to Mental Health and how cooking and eating together is an excellent way to foster those connections.